Holland  Wilde

Resume - Curriculum Vita  (September 2011)

Independent TV/media researcher

        Present:   After 35 years as a visual rhetorician interpreting logocentric texts (theatre, design,

                TV, news), I have shifted my interests from designing to de-signing and now attempt to

                talk back to media makers through media -- writing equally with images, sounds and

                words by appropriating and remixing TV/media’s language and technique into new kinds

                of civic, experimental and ethnographic elicitation for critically engaging our culture(s)...

                in short, I am a mediaturg pamphleteer.

        Career:   Owner and principal designer: Pencilogic  (Boston, 1986-2004).  Servicing a broad

                range of global TV efforts including: Scenery and costume design; graphic and product

                design; fine art and print; and environmental design for television’s creative and news-

                journalism industries; and receiving numerous acclamations including ten Emmys from

                the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.  (reel - ideation - branding - art)


        2714 Parkdale Blvd.  NW

        Calgary, AB, Canada    t2n-3s7

                p:   403.695.0826

                e:   farmer@culturalfarming.com   

                n:   http://www.culturalfarming.com



        PhD Candidate  - Queensland University of Technology, Australia   2009-2010

                Institute of Creative Industries, Critical Media Ethnography (x)

        International Sociological Association Laboratory for Ph.D. Students in Sociology &

                XI Fulbright Summer School   Moscow State University, Russia   2008

        Post-Graduate Studies  - University of Calgary, Canada   2006-2008

                Faculty of Communication and Culture, Visual Studies

        League of Professional Theatre Training Schools Portfolio Review Invitational   1983

                The Juilliard School   New York, NY  

        Master of Fine Arts  - Southern Methodist University   Dallas, TX   1983

                Scenery/Costume Design, Theatre   

        Foreign Studies  - University of Sarajevo   Yugoslavia   1975

                Fine Art & Stage Design

        Bachelor of Science  - Grand Valley State University   Allendale, MI   1975

                William James College  

                        Fine Arts, Media, Theatre, Environmental Design


Broadcast Television Design 

        1987 - 2004:  Produced on-air scenic design for over 100 television stations and

                 networks worldwide.  (partial list)

                        IndiaTV  (INS)             global    New Delhi, India

                        NBC & Telemundo      NBC      Chicago, IL; San Jose, CA; San Francisco, CA

                        TBS Superstation        cable     Atlanta, GA 

                        ESPN; ESPN-Sur        global    Bristol, CT;  Buenos Aires, Argentina

                        E! Entertainment TV    cable    Los Angeles, CA

                        Encore Network           cable    Denver, CO

                        WGBH-TV2                  PBS     Boston, MA

        Board of Directors  - Broadcast Designers Association   1994-98

                Broadcast Designers Association is the seminal international design organization for 3D

                         design, print, graphics, and animation for the entire media broadcast industry.

        Film, Commercial, Industrial Design   1983-1990

                Art director, designer, stylist, scenic artist for over 30 productions  (partial list)

                        The Pool: OverPlus Productions   1987

                        Lip Service:  HBO   1988

                        Lemon Sky:  American Playhouse (PBS)  1988

                        The Trial of Bernard Goetz: American Playhouse (PBS)  1987

Theatre Design  

        1975 - 1988: Produced scenic and-or costume design for over 50 stage productions

                 for drama, opera, ballet   (partial list)

                        Premiere: Rap Master Ronnie, Garry Trudeau (Doonesbury) Wash.DC 1984

                        Resident Design Director - Grand Rapids Civic Theatre   1977-80 

Professional Conference Presentations: 

        Broadcast Designers Association.  (partial list)  

           “Provoking a Plugged Planet”:  Los Angeles  1996

               Session host, moderator and speaker with guest panelists:

                    Michael Moore - Filmmaker, Host: Roger and Me, TV Nation, Columbine

                    Karrie Jacobs -  Writer: Metropolis, New York Magazine

                    Douglas Rushkoff - Author: Cyberia, Media Virus

                    Bill McKibben - Author: The End of Nature, Age of Missing Information, Hope

                                             Human and Wild

           Teach Your Children”:  Los Angeles  1996

           “Light and Structure”:  Washington D.C.  1995

           “TV's Big Lie”:  Orlando  1993

           “Big Risk Set Design”:  Las Vegas  1990


        Teaching Assistant - Film Studies 200

                University of Calgary - 2007 & 2008

        Technical Director & Lecturer - Drama Department

                Tufts University, Medford, MA   1985-87

        Assistant Professor of Drama & Head of Design

                Wheaton College, Norton, MA   1983-84

        Adjunct Faculty - Spatial Design Curriculum

                Kendall College of Art and Design, Grand Rapids, MI   1980

        Adjunct Faculty - Drama Department

                Grand Rapids Community College, Grand Rapids, MI   1980

Educational Lectures 

        German Design Universities - Invited Lecture Tour:  “News Media Visualization

           April 1996

                    Film Academy  - Ludwigsburg

                    State Academy of Design  - Karlsruhe

                    PictureMedia Center  - Mainz

            December 1995

                    Institute for Visual Media  - Stuttgart

                    Academy of Media Arts (HKM)  - Cologne

                    Technical University for Applied Sciences  - Augsburg

Papers, Presentations, Events  (partial list)

       Calgary Stampede, Western Showcase, Creative Arts and Crafts, Calgary, AB

                “100 Memories Blanket”   2011

       Media Ecology Conference: “Space, Place, and the McLuhan Legacy”, Edmonton, AB

                “Cultural Farming: Extensions of McLuhan” / Farewell Address   2011

       Society for Cinema and Media Studies Conference, New Orleans, LA

                “Hurricane Katrina” & “British Petroleum”   2011

       Contemporary Ethnography Across Disciplines Conference, Univ. of Waikato, NZ

                “Critical TV Ethnography and Civic Mediaturgy”   2010

        Screens of Terror Conference,  London South Bank University, UK 

                “Representations of War and Terrorism in North American Television”   2010

        30th Nordic Anthropological Film Association Festival and Symposium, Aarhus, DK

                “Stranger Danger: Infantilization and the Production of Childhood”    2010

        Consumer Culture Theory Conference, Univ. of Wisconsin School of Business, WI

                “Spilling Communication: Appropriation as Power and Resistance”   2010

        Performance Art and Posthumanism Conference, University of Sussex, UK

                “(re)Performing the Posthuman: Liminal Thresholds”   2010


        14th Annual Webby Awards, International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences, NYC

                Nominee: Online FIlm & Video  “Baudrillards‘ Blender”   2010

        American Anthropological Association Conference, Philadelphia, PA

                “Cultural Media Ethnography Within Fields of Resistance”   2009

        1st International Visual Methods Conference, University of Leeds, UK 

                “Cultural Farming: Visual Methods, TV, and the Ethics of Failure”   2009

        Berkeley Video & Film Festival, Berkeley, CA 

                “Zapook of the North”   Grand Festival Award: Ethnography   2009

        Transcultural Montage Conference, Inst. of Anthropology, Aarhus University, DK

                “Cultural Farming: Talking Back to Television”    2009

        Alberta Printmakers’ Society:  Calgary, Alberta, CA

                “Engraving Culture”  Speaker series and panel discussion   2009

        Reconstruction: Studies in Contemporary Culture  - Digital Journal

                “Wilde Emerald”  in “Avant-Garde as Critical Practice”. Vol. 9, No.2,  2009

       Visual Cultures Symposium, George Mason University, DC

                 6th Annual: "Unthinking Television: Visual Cultures Beyond the Console,"  2009

                 5th Annual: “Provocation: The Art of Social Engagement”   2008

        2nd CISSGE Postgraduate Conference, University of Exeter, UK

                “Sexuality, Textuality, Image”   2008

        Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Conference, City University, London,  UK

                 “(re)Performing Television: Pedagogy and Civic Media”  2008

        Of Aesthetics and Ethics: Visual Values Conference, USF, St. Petersburg, FL  2008

                 “Cameras or Guns: How Cable News (re)Massacred Virginia Tech

        Visual Communication: Rhetoric and Technology, RIT, Rochester, NY

                “Cameras or Guns: Fighting for Responsible Media”  2008 

                “Media Nipple: Folk Video”   2006

        The Visual Communication Conference  #19-21,  (western USA)

                “Difficult Images”  screening   2007

                “Cultural Farming: Subsistence Living in a Mediated World”   2006

                “Screens: Reality and Representation”  2005

        Design Communication Association, Ball State University, Muncie, IN 

                “MSNBC: The News Channel of Dr. Caligari”   2007

                Published: Ball State Press

        International Visual Sociology Association, New York University, NYC

                “Is Google Smarter Than Sociology?”   2007

        11th Annual Western Graduate Communication Conference, Nelson, BC

                “Transitioning: Professional TV to Civic TV”  2007

        VloggerCon, San Francisco, CA

                “Video Blogging and Journalism”   2006

        One Minute Film Festival, Toronto, ON 

                “My Chemical Romance”  Selected for screening   2006

        Music in the Dark #4 - Soundtracks for silent films, New York City, NY

                “Our Body Media”  Commissioned video for Michael Whalen   2006


        14th Annual Webby Awards, International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences, NYC

                Nominee: Online Film & Video  “Baudrillards‘ Blender”   2010

        Berkeley Video & Film Festival, Berkeley CA   2009

                Grand Festival Award - Ethnography:  Zapook of the North


        5th Annual Visual Cultures Symposium, George Mason University   2008

                Best Student Submission Award

        The Visual Communication Conference, Salt Lake City   2006

                Inaugural Recipient:  Bob Tiemens Award

        EMMY Awards - National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences: TV news design

                 WXYZ-TV7     (ABC)  2001

                 WWGN-TV2   (WB)    2000

                 KCNC-TV7     (CBS)  1998

                 C/Net Channel           1998 

                 WXYZ-TV7     (ABC)  1997

                 WXIX-TV19    (FOX)  1997

                 KDFW-TV4    (FOX)  1996

                 KGTV-TV10   (ABC)  1995

                 KSL-TV5        (CBS)  1994

                 KUSA-TV9     (ABC)  1992

        Broadcast Designer's Association International Competition

                Excellence in Design: 4 Gold Awards, 5 Silver Awards, 6 Bronze  1988-2002

        Innovative Design Excellence Award  - Supon Design Group  1996

        Meritorious Achievement – Massachusetts Democratic State Committee   1984


        Autoethnography and Reflexive Media Production   2010

                #Nine  (1962 & 1977)