This is an ethnographic - sociological - video story about a girl... a girl who lives in a mediated world.   All the video clips here were scanned from basic cable TV, using only a DVR and a desktop computer, during the week of 15-22 January 2006.  All were complied and edited to re-tell a story of the enormous pressures of being ‘female’, and coming of age in a visual world filled with extreme, violent, conflicting, and exploitive images.  Indeed, much of TV looks like this because this video is actual TV -- only now through critical ethnographic montage, its intention is purposefully up-ended, dis-stanced, re-deemed, liberated.

And so at first glance, you’ll find very little new here.  What is new, however, is the ability to use our ubiquitous media tools to re-interrogate, re-fragment and re-function an insistently re-mediated world.  Through only individual effort, with simple tools and for one’s own personal reflexive understanding and consumption, we can purposely unveil the power of media images... which is something words alone cannot do.

This video (without audio) was commissioned for:

Michael Whalen - Music in the Dark 4

French Institute, New York City   2006  


Our Body Media   2006  (6:30)