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uploaded: 2005

Ours is the first generation with on-demand, wall-to-wall, 24/7, free access to pornography.  No one can escape pornography’s reach.  Indeed, mediamongers, of all stripes, are today’s leading purveyors of this phenomenon by titillating every primal and involuntary human instinct with their sexual imagery... but to what effect and at what cost?  What is happening to the human image -- to our humanness?  What, if anything, can be done to counter this avalanche of visual exploitation?  Maybe this disturbing Porn Parody experiment can help inoculate against pornography’s brutal pandemic? ...by graphically re-functioning the brutal power of its images.  Maybe not.

Why Porn Parody?  Maybe because pornographic imagery is hurting the world.  Worse still, pornographic imagery is the ‘third rail’ of visual communication study; if you touch this subject too directly - you die.  But then, how can we address these images?  Good question, because there is also a very real concern that by creating more through parodic research the “problem of pornography” only deepens... for all involved.  That said, Porn Parody is an experimental attempt at ‘fighting fire with fire’...   


                       (Does mere ‘picture taking’ spectacularize and pornographize any subject?)

This approach may utterly fail for some who study the effects of pornography... or for those exploited by its power.  My deepest heartfelt apologies to you.  Porn Parody is simply an attempt to unveil possibilities of visual ‘anti-bodies’.  Indeed, images have visceral, life-changing powers... pornography needs to be discussed.

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But first a quiz.  Is pornography a “presentation of sexually explicit behavior intended to excite sexual arousal”?  Maybe.  But there are a thousand varieties of “pornography”.  Some may be violent, artistic, erotic, humorous, often non-sexual... while others can and maybe should be more provocative still.  There can be no doubt, however, that graphic images of human bodies are saturating our mediated world.  To what effect?  There are only women presented here because, even though we are all subject to horrific visual objectification, the overwhelming majority of the world’s pornography exploits women.  This site is intended to challenge porn’s existence, and to encourage more discussion through visual communication practice.


Are the six videos below pornography?   At least two are.....  

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Get it?  Rabbits?  You know, teeming with naughty, hidden, suggestive meaning.  Parody?

I made this video compilation of 1740 pictures.  Breasts are the object of choice for mediamongers.  After 3 minutes, hopefully they begin to lose marketing “appeal”.  But then, it’s not the breast at all - it’s the brown spot that ‘sells’.

I made this mash-up of MTV’s “I Want a Famous Face”, random porn sites, and made images. It should raise questions about the “meaning” of breasts, and TV’s role in promoting the huge increase in teen plastic surgery.  Blur the nipple but show the incision?  -  that is obscene.

I made this video in attempt to capture an extreme male “voice”. It is a disturbing take on sex without boundaries.  It’s hard to watch, and harder still to listen to.  But it touches some very real, dark, taboo issues of male sexual desire, aggression, exploitation, and dominance.  It is wholly fictional - and painfully written - by me alone.

Howard Stern, from basic cable TV.  (2005)


An American, living

in Canada, now spending his life experimenting with new forms of critical media ethnography.

In Calgary, new-house building codes state a minimum of 3m between structures.  And so, this is a video shot through my small studio window, where I sit almost 16hrs every day -- and into my neighbour's window -- where their TV cable channels broadcast porn to me most every day.  The view from my desk chair cannot help but include pornography -- whether I care or not (or Rachel Maddow).  As last resort... I finally complained to police: 5 July 2011.