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The images below are from the Cultural Farming book, Weird Nudes (2005).  All are intended to reify the surreal absurdity of pornographic imagery, in hopes of dissuading, via still more absurdity, any eroticism found therein.  Fight against pornography.  Fight fire with fire.

Weird Nudes

NOTE:  These images were constructed in one afternoon in June 2005.   Since then, there are growing indications on the internet that EVEN THIS KIND OF PORNOGRAPHIC EXPLOITATION IS TAKING EROTIC HOLD IN THE PUBLIC VIEW; which, in turn, positions attempts like these to deactivate porn’s eroticism potentially fruitless - even potentially part of the problem.  Indeed, the last picture in this series is one example in this trend toward ever-more-brutalizing imagery.  The last image is NOT from Cultural Farming, rather one culled from a new genre of pornography called Mastasia.

   What are our images telling us?  Are we losing control of the literal world in favor of brutalizing imagery?


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in Canada, now spending his life experimenting with new forms of critical media ethnography.