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How to support Cultural Farming:

Cultural Farming accepts no monetary contribution.  Nor will you find self-aggrandizing publicity here, or merchandise for sale, or facebook links, twitter followers, iPhone apps, or the host of other obligatory forms of promotional hype -- like groovy flash animation to induce the seductive gravitational pull of “authority”.  Rather, Cultural Farming is, first and only, an easy-to-use,

no-advertising, no-copyright research website simply intended to publicly inform and provoke conventional TV/Media practitioners by encouraging various kinds of civic, critical media response via reflexive and surreal ethnographic archiving and remix writing. 

If you want to express support for Cultural Farming, please use the comment links throughout

Or... tell your friends about this site, talk about the videos, use them in classes and coursework, or appropriate the content herein and remix your own (C)ritical media stories.  In other words, the best way to support Cultural Farming is to employ Cultural Farming practice in your work.  Other than that... it is all a free gift (Mauss) to you. 

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