I attended...

Of Aesthetics and Ethics: A Conference on Visual Values.

There I screened my Virginia Tech Cameras or Guns long-form video.  Coincidentally, one of the featured speakers in attendance was John Filo, the photo-journalist, now world-famous for snapping the iconic photograph of the 1970 shootings at Kent State University.   And so I made this video for him.  It is a quick and easy attempt at media re-animation – or as Clifford Geertz might say – I was trying to “thicken the description.”  And doing it through a combinational remix of image/text/audio.

After hearing Filo speak, that night, I simply mashed together Filo’s iconic photo, his own words, and on-scene archival audio.  I made this simple video in my hotel room, with this very laptop, in less than 15 minutes… and, I included it into MY conference presentation the very next day.

But, as is often the case with ‘featured’ conference speakers, Filo did not attend the entire plenary conference.  He missed this video I made in his honor.

Kent State   2008  (2:30)