Norman Denzin, preeminent scholar, once wrote this:

Denzin’s sentiment has been echoed since by numerous others.  The problem: No one has shown how to go about this task. 

What is a personal cinematic ethnographic interpretive sociology?

                   Cultural Farming is that project.

And this content was archived over the course of about one week.

Celebrity News   2006  (5:50)

“Here, adrift in a phenomenology and cultural analysis of late capitalism

we find ourselves, voyeurs all, products of the cinematic gaze.  Our challenge is clear.  Begin to write, and live our own pedagogical versions of postmodernism, making our own playful ‘mystories’ of this bewildering, frightening, terrifying, exhilarating historical moment.  ...Theorists of postmodernism are storytellers.”  Images of Postmodern Society  (1991:156)