Accidentally, I randomly grabbed a 3 minute clip of an old movie on AMC.  It was just a black and white bar scene.  But the images were compelling.  Obviously, it’s Glen Ford and Lee Marvin... but what movie?  This odd noir clip was evocative:  chiaroscuro lighting, close-ups, theatrical passion.

Concurrently, I ripped a music audio clip from iTunes radio, entitled: “Young American Primitive”.  I decided to use the audio to scaffold the B&W video clip to see what happens.

The challenge?  The music file was more than twice the length of the video.  So, the task here was to ‘stretch’ the video to fit and fill the musical structure.  During the process however, a new story emerged.  It is not particularly unlike the original... yet it is entirely different. 

I simply unsync’ed the video audio, added additional layers, and looped the action to make this introspection. 

Young American Primitive   2005  (6:30)