WTC 2001    2007  (6:00)

This is the saddest video I have ever made. 

It remains the only revisualization

of this event I’ve ever expressed...

and it will probably be my last.

Music by Arvo Part.

The truth is concrete.

Bertolt Brecht

...yet now, on the eve of the 10 year anniversary of 9/11, we no longer see hesitation to fictionalize this most devastating non-fictional event.  Once thought to be ethically and respectfully off-limits, it appears that eye-grabbing visual dramatizations of 9/11 are acceptable means of advertisement today.  Apparently our “respect for the victims” no longer extends to those sitting just inside the building walls... inches from their moment of death.  National Geographic -- or whoever made this advertisement -- obviously feels that modeling this horrific moment, in this sensational manner, is worth the promotional payoff.


But then, as illustrated in Volume #11, both our media technologies and our media practices are incrementally engaging a progression of the “Death of Dying”.   For in a world where representations of reality are so easily manipulated, can we retain respect for those we visually kill?