The incessant repetition - the staccato - of cable news language creates its own drumbeat. 

This video is a simple remix, set to hybrid-reggae, to illustrate the robotic, melodic, infectious inflections of news banter.  If you listen long enough this little ditty really sticks in your head.  In fact, O’Reilly’s voice begins to take on heroic proportions.  Kinda like whenever you hear For What It’s Worth  by Buffalo Springfield - you can’t help but think back to the mid-sixties... or to a hollywood war movie of the 1980’s. 

Make no mistake, O’Reilly’s vocal-tone is the musical language of TV news.  And these new(s) songs mut be recognized,  known and understood today as auratic markers of our mediamonger period.

Shut the FOX Up   2006  (2:10)