This video is “critical” parody.  It revolves around questions of narcissistic representation and the odd invocation “We are the media!” so often expressed by vloggers (video-bloggers) today.

The point of this video is to simultaneously lampoon and criticize how so many media-makers frame themselves (narcissism?) as their own best content.

Of course, one can easily argue that some of the very best ‘expression’ in all art has focused on SELF-representation.  But that is not the point here.  Rather, it is to parallel how so very much of new “video-blogging” content is, in fact, not new at all... but reiterations of existing forms already on TV. 

Vibrant, important communities have been built on much less expression.  But maybe after our first-blush of self-realization passes, this awesome social-technology can be utilized for other, more progressive, purposes.  Then again, that’s doubtful.

Vlogging  Me   2005  (5:30)