...and good luck....cuz we’re fucked.

After working in TV news for 20 years this farmer was motivated to both celebrate and caution.   This video was mixed to both compare and contrast NEWS then-and-now.  We shouldn't forget the glory days of news and journalism and its power to do good.... and we also shouldn't confuse that with what we have today. 

This hollywood film clearly addresses the “for profit” pressure and paradox that has always existed between corporate TV and free press journalism.  But what the movie characterizes best is the lack of citizenship, phony sense of anti-authority, and utter disregard for the privilege of duty so prevalent in so-called TV journalism today. 

This video remix attempts to illustrate this simple point.  Can a historical look at TV news teach us something about how to utilize our wealth of new technologies today?  Yes.

Good Night   2006  (4:20)