There have been numerous times when I zap between the 3 main late-night comedy shows simply to count the number of gay jokes told.  My highest total count stands at 31 - an average of 10 per show that particular night.

This is not unusual.  Indeed, gay jokes on network TV are almost as numerous as breasts, nipples and revealing cleavage.  What the heck is going on?  Is there any place on TV not being sexualized to the maximum?  Blacks, Jews, and mothers-in-law should be relieved... they are no longer the butt of TV’s scatological infantilism.  I suppose they get ridiculed equally, yet much less blatantly, in numerous other ways.  Regardless, why are gay joke so prevalent?

After the dustup with Jay Leno on the Tonight Show, the ‘gay joke’ fetish got some publicity.  But Media Nipple showed some time ago that Conan O’Brien may actually be the biggest “homophobic’ offender of them all, with David Letterman coming in a close third.  But why stop there?  All of TV is equally guilty, right? - like Bill O’Reilly?

To comment on this situation, I simply chose to mix one incredibly bizarre local news report with excerpts from one typical night of the Conan O’Brien Show.  (You can tell it is one show by the color of O’Brien’s necktie.)  The two clips deserved each other, not only as paradoxical contrast, but also to suggest that maybe contemporary media is, in fact, already a kind of ‘gay bomb’ (or should I say reverse-gay-bomb)  unleashed daily upon the American viewing public. 

A titillated public is a captive audience.  Sexual innuendo is the glue that holds every eyeball to the commercial break.  

I mean, if you’re going to tell a stupid gay joke... why not at least tell a good one?

Gay Bomb  2008   (4:40)


Anyone who thinks this “media gay problem” has gone away, or even lessened in the four years since I appropriated the content for the video above, is sadly mistaken.  Exactly opposite.  Gay/Queer/Homophobic humor is ubiquitous throughout TV.  Yet, I see very little TV (news) content addressing this issue... however, I have just seen this one now: 15 October 2010.  But to be clear, this news item is still a very large part of the problem.  How so?  Listen again.  As I have written elsewhere, TV never blames itself.  It is always some other culpable media at fault.  The makers of TV blame movies; newspapers blame internet; movies blame social media; radio blames TV; everybody blames everybody else for the world’s (and their own) problems.  There is little self-accountability for one’s own actions.  This resides at the very heart of unreflexive media production.  How so?  Again, “the media” is not something hovering uncontrollably  across the universe.  “THE” media is made by everyday people just like you and me.  A deep problem, however, springs from the fact that today’s media makers are overwhelmingly untrained in critical media production... their own and others.  When asked point-blank, we will all deny that we act homophobically... yet we do.  See for yourself: