CNBC is one of the four cable news networks I regularly research.  These ‘news’ providers tell us much of the art of mediamongering.  Indeed, this TV minute was little different from any other.

At this particular moment, I was curious to hear how CNBC, Dell spokespeople, and ‘unbiased’ reportage combined to explain the odd occurrences of Dell computers spontaneously combusting.  The report made a perfect mediamonger combination: a leading technology, a leading equity, with sensational visuals of potential death via catastrophic conflagration.  Nothing new.

What did strike my attention came immediately after the CNBC report.  Directly on the heels of this report, CNBC ran a happy Dell commercial.  Coincidence?  Doubtful.  Corporate earnings can plummet on much less ‘breaking’ negative information.  CNBC, as with every network, understands that to ease the ‘pain’ of journalistic accuracy; it’s always good to follow-up negative reportage with a happy-face sales pitch.  Read: Never bite the hand that feeds.

I decided to mash the two together, to tell a more inclusive ‘report’.

Dell Redo   2005  (2:00)