In the hands of mediamongers, TV becomes a horror-filled fear-machine.  Fear is the effect mediamongers produce for profit and so happily sell to us.  Because fear is what makes us watch.  And fear is, apparently, what we like to watch.  Indeed, adding fearful ‘warnings’ of upcoming fear-imagery only entices us to watch more fear - even more fearfully -- in fear that we may miss something dangerous.

Media Effects: The sorry whipping-post of post-modern media-communication studies....(?) 

Maybe it is time to kick that can 

Maybe Media Effects was/is studying the wrong things with the wrong techniques and then disseminating that wrong research to the wrong people for the wrong reasons? 

How about this?  Maybe we should just take a moment to ‘look at’ TV again.  Why?  While we are certain we ‘know’ TV... it is ever-changing right in front of our noses.  TV needs careful observation again... constant observation with fresh new eyes.

Fear TV   2007  (4:30)

“Mankind, which in Homer’s time was an object of contemplation for the Olympian gods, now is one for itself. Its self-alienation has reached such a degree that it can experience its own destruction as an aesthetic pleasure of the first order.”   Walter Benjamin