News is not journalism - and vice versa.  But what then, exactly, is news today?  Even though three major US cable companies call themselves “news networks” - are they?  And if so, what does this portend for an informed citizenry?

In this video mash I remind the viewer exactly how far mediamongers go to garner ratings.  They not only regularly stage phony sensational events, they then turn around and promote these events as ‘must-see TV news’.

In disgust, I wanted to re-express their vulgar manipulation.  So, in iMovie, I extracted the audio exchange, slowing it down and speeding it up.  Over top, I added key words that exhibited a parallel profanity to the broadcast visuals.

But, importantly I wanted to impress the depth of collusion between these two pious FOX News personalities: Bill O’Reilly and Geraldo Rivera.  I included the end sequence along with a fictional, ‘buddy’ text-message exchange between the two men.

This parody - fashioned in ethnographic surrealism - deepens our understanding of typical behind-the-scene ‘news’ production.  At least it deepens ‘understanding’ for me.

Exactly as mediamongers manipulate their content, civic media can help expose, cleanse, and reclaim discursive terrain by parodically re-employing manipulative languages and techniques.

Fair and Balanced   2006  (2:10)