The idea of me offering a manifesto, of any kind, is a bit silly.  Even after 35 years as a visual communicator (mediamonger) – interpreting written and spoken texts for stage and television – I am not the person to be pontificating manifestos.  This short video springs from a simple presentation I gave to a graduate media technology class at Ball State University.

“There is no design in paradise.”  And so, designers should be the first to understand that when more design is proffered the further from paradise we may find ourselves.  This is not to suggest design is insignificant.  On the contrary, it is vital.  However, any design sensibility must always be measured, weighed, and compared to its absence.  Not because ‘less is more’ – rather, more is oft-times less.  

Visual communication demands a critical, theoretical approach.  If design is a kind of language, then we designers should heed, reflexively, what implications may arise when we draw a line one way – erase – only to draw it again in yet another way.  Design has serious consequences.

Design Manifesto   2008  (3:00)