An immediate problem I discovered during my initial attempts at video making is my unwillingness to point the camera directly at someone’s face.  To this day I feel it is a kind of assault  - a violation - to directly stare with the lens at someone’s face.  (Collapsing distance into social pornography?)  Well then, if so, what kind of visually ethnographic stories can I tell

Here, as with most other Cultural Farming ethnographic videos, much can be told using ‘non-invasive’ camera techniques. 

I sat on the street curb, with a cheap 4mp digital camera in-hand, but I barely looked into the viewfinder, preferring instead to feel my hand following my mind’s eye.  And then I tried to match it to some audio from Underworld... since the audio recorded with my cheap camera was useless.

Central Square Subway Station:  Cambridge Massachusetts:  25 Sept 05

Dark Train Dance   2005  (10:15)