Is there any genre of television more ubiquitous than automobile commercials?  Doubtful. 

Why are there so many kinds of car ads?  Why must each be so different when we all seem to understand the complications of fossel fuel demand and global warming?  Besides, aren’t most all cars essentially the same?  If so, then what exactly are these ads telling us?  What hidden stories lurk beneath the surface?

Automobile advertisements may be the most effective form of persuasion in our world today.  We are all susceptible to their power... and, we will all buy our cars based upon these kinds of manipulative storytelling.  We can’t help ourselves.  Countries like India and China are only now just beginning to hear these siren songs.  Our future is doomed to still more cars.  It is inevitable.  

Given this scenario, it may be a good idea to practice ‘reading’ the kinds of stories automobile advertisements actually tell us.  Why?  Because so few car ads actually tell stories about cars; that is if indeed any ads do anymore.  Information necessary for an informed buyer is long gone... replaced by mediamonger psycho-techniques.   Words and images are painstakingly crafted to involuntarily manipulate.  These ads tell us that buying a car today will transform your family, connect you to your past, protect nature, save the world.   Cars are no longer simply a means of transportation - they protect us, entertain us, and nourish us.  Indeed, cars are us and we are our cars. 

The main purpose of Cultural Farming is to encourage everyone to make their own media... and to do this by appropriating actual TV content purposefully for critically studying mediamonger manipulation and exploitation techniques.  By doing so, I believe that this process helps ‘inoculate’ against insidious, persuasive lies.  Isn’t it time for new healthier kinds of media content?  Help create better media-story ‘balance’.  Learn to master for yourself the techniques of media persuasion, for these are the grammars of technological language.

Car Stories   2007  (11:00)