Elsewhere in Cultural Farming, I often visually broach notions of changing realities and identities -- changing because our self-images are forced to adapt along with our languages and grammars during each new technological shift

Second Life is an easy target for expressing these kinds of ruminations.  But here instead, I try another tact.  I decide to remix audio from a TV documentary about adoption and adoptees seeking their forgotten(?) biological parents along with an eerily reminiscent video clip from Second Life (machinima?). 

In it, we witness our images begetting images in our image.  I am submitting that in time these new-born images will undoubtedly rise to beget still more ‘offspring’ images. 

Thus, in this visual essay I pose deeper questions: In our endlessly imagistic world: what is image heredity?  From what gene pool do we conceive our own representations?  Will our images remember us?  Will they seek out their history?  Will they honor their parentage?  Would they care even if we could somehow program them to?  Time will tell.

The Ancient Masturbator   2008  (3:00)