Look around the internet.  Click on a few links.  Within minutes you can be led to tens-of-thousands of pornographic websites.  This, of course, is nothing new.  It is what built the internet.  It is our postmodern story of technological evolution.

What does seem new to me, at least from my observations, is how fast pornographic visuality is deeply encroaching on all social media.  And why not, I suppose.  Humans are fond of re-telling stories they hear.  And make no mistake; many media teen-stories today are ‘pornographic’.  But, if we look hard enough, we can also find recuperative, alternative media stories on the internet as well.  Consider, Andrea Dworkin. Even after her death in 2005, she continues to be seen, by some, the preeminent feminist theorist. 

I have a deep-felt respect for Dworkin’s radical scholarship, and her ability to perform it publicly.  Hers is a perspective in desperate need of recovery.  Why?  Look around the internet.


This critical montage is made from a growing corpus of videos where young women – girls really – re-embody the media they consume.  Indeed, I too am trapped inside a world of tragic images even as I try to make sense of it all by re-using these same messages.  So then, what else could I do?  I mashed Dworkin’s audio together with these rather tame videos.  But a question remains: Why do we continue to sell our media off the bodies of women?  …like Ying Yang Twins.

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That’s Not harm   2008  (6:45)