Guns and cameras are evolving into the same machine-tool-weapon.  How can that be?  Look around and see for yourself.   Both are being used for the same purposes.  And make no mistake, we ALL seem to love watching our own murder -- movie style -- on TV.   What is happening? 

With each horrific broadcast image, CNN and every other U.S. cable news network (re)massacres us all: viewers, victims, families, students, the campus, the community, the city.  All of us. 

With each horrific massacre, U.S. cable news networks point their weapons anew, lick their lips and shoot us a second time with their cameras -- and then happily sell it back to us.   Why do we buy it?

But then, why do we watch?  Is it because, “It’s such an unbelievable experience”?  Why do we EVER speak to the media?  Why do we EVER allow them to torture us with their manipulative production-guns?  Why do universities EVER allow TV networks on campus to interview students still suffering in shock?

I was emotionally moved to cut this music audio… in GarageBand... during the ‘breaking news’ event.  Then, I constructed the video as I watched that evening’s news blood-feasting.  Today, look for yourself at all the instantaneous “social” YouTube videos sucking out whatever precious life remains.  And ask yourself… What is happening here?  Put your guns away.  Put your cameras away.  Go for a walk.   Love each other.

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                              11 March 2009

Something’s Happening Here   2008  (6:10)

“It was a scene from a movie.  It was something that you thought was staged.  It was an unbelievable experience.  From what went on, from what was going on, it was like it was from a movie.”

It’s time to stop, children.  What’s that sound? Everybody look what’s going down.

...only it isn’t.