Paraphrasing Baudrillard:

What is seduction?

What is it to be seduced... visually?

It is not to be outwitted,

or deceived or overpowered by the screen image.

There has to be complicity.

One does not seduce alone.

It is always a question of two;

of the dual and the duel.

Never a simple matter of domination;

whatever the seducer may think.

Doesn’t the seducer end up losing herself in the strategy?

As in an emotional labyrinth?

Doesn’t she invent that strategy in order to lose herself in it?

And she who believes herself the game’s master;

isn’t she the first victim of strategy's tragic myth?

I do not understand her Japanese words in her video.  I do not care.  Still, I speak her language.  I interpret her visuality, and its place within worlds of living-screens, seductively hailing complicity.

This video was ripped, in toto, from a budding genre of YouTube videos loosely called “learn to kiss”.  Is WJT Mitchell correct when he suggests “pictures want to be kissed”? 

                        See for yourself and kiss this screen.

Seduction - Complicity   2008  (8:40)