This video disturbs me deeply.  It combines three distinct elements: a music video by the dark band Death in Vegas;  an even darker Hitler Youth video ripped from YouTube (now removed); and the Kurt Weill song Moon of Alabama.

Why these three elements?  Once I figured how to rip video from YouTube, my visual vocabulary (my remix lexicon), previously confined to TV alone, expanded exponentially.  And, since much of my work is informed by the critically theoretical Frankfurt School, along with surrealism, parody, performance studies, theatre, reflexivity, ethnography, journalism, and civic media… I simply began my media ethnographic observation like anyone else might, I entered a few search words into YouTube.  I began with the words “Bertolt Brecht.  The response was visually rich, to say the least. 

Once I caught my breath, I realized I could mash the two videos together – but, with what audio?  Moon of Alabama is an obvious choice.  Although I have never had the opportunity to design a Brecht stage production, the song has been popularized many times: The Doors, Marianne Faithful, Nina Simone, David Bowie, among many others.  But, when searching for the audio file, I soon realized lyrical inconsistencies: “Boy” or “Girl”?  Both?  What was I hearing?  “The little boy” or “Their little boy”? 

Is Moon of Alabama a song about the ‘state’ of visual representation – and that if we don’t find “the next little boy,” we may, indeed, find ourselves in a world of highly charged - un-interpreted – violent, disturbing, streaming imagery?     

...Never mind....we’re there all ready.  Maybe we should watch what our little boys watch? 

This video still keeps me up at night.  It continues to reverberate - to loop - in my head incessantly, for days now, ever since I made it.  Make it stop.

Oh, You Know Why   2008  (3:00)