Barack Obama won!  Long live our black president.  Goodbye racism.  Goodbye prejudice.  Hello equality and equal representation.  ...Not so fast, our images have yet to change.

Why, exactly, are we disseminating new technologies like the $100 laptop into today’s racial-economic-global-digital-divide?  How, exactly, do we expect any digital liberation in education or identity construction to flourish when contemporary mediamongering re-enforces endlessly similar, confounding tales of racial overtones? 

Irrespective of race, however, the term “Digital Native” is cross-purposed... maybe even dangerous... for explaining any new breed of student.  This is true particularly when considering most students today glean their everyday communicational “education” through longitudinal immersions into TV/media’s ever-expanding technologies and production practices.  In short, we learn best by watching our mediated world.

Go ahead... give students in poor or developing nations free computers.  I think it could be beneficial.  But think twice before including portals for global internet access.  Why?  Because every media technology educates, in more ways than one, whether intended or not.  And so we should clean up our own house-of-images before we seduce others to live in it.  Because they will want to visit, indeed even live inside our TV/media “house of visual seductions.”  There are few alternatives.

“Computers for children”, as conflated in Negroponte’s rhetoric, means little more than seductively infecting other cultures via our own visual, ideological delivery systems.  Cultural Farming’s brand of reflexive response, through appropriation and remix, can help to both inform and reform TV/media “representation” by identifying these exploitive, unchecked production practices.

Digital Natives   2008  (6:45)