How humans visualize themselves has long been studied within every branch of the humanities.  From self-portrait cave paintings, to the printing press, to today’s cell phone pics; we humans are in constant modes of self-representation.

However, questions remain: 

-  As our technological tools of self-representation change - do we change with them? 

-  Do humans see themselves differently with each evolutionary advance in visual technology? 

-  Do our mental pictures of ourselves, and of those around us, change when we can so easily RE-present ourselves to the world in every manner conceivable - and to a global audience?

  1. - As we make our tools - do our tools make us?

  2. - As we use our tools - do our tools use us?

  1. - And lastly, what can be surmised when our

re-presentations turn ugly?

The same questions Bill Cosby asked in the 1960’s remain today.  Demon Face is everywhere.

Black Arts   2008  (3:00)